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Open Door Campaign

Why the Community Should Care

Since 1997 Life Choices Maternity and Youth Home has been fulfilling a very serious need within our community by providing shelter and support for pregnant and other at-risk teen girls and their young childrIn Southwestern Indiana an average of 400 teen girls give birth each year. In Southwestern Indiana an average of 400 teen girls give birth each year. The number of teen girls in our community who are homeless, displaced due to dysfunctional family environments, or wards of the court is also staggering. For most of these young women and their children, without intervention, their future outlook is bleak. They are at increased risk for poor health, emotional and behavioral problems, dropping out of school, delinquency and abuse. Without assistance, training and education, many are forced to depend on welfare, which can lead to a long term cycle of poverty.

Our Accomplishments & Impact

Life Choices is much more than just a shelter. We are committed to helping residents learn good parenting skills, complete their education, set the foundation for economic self-sufficiency, improve their self-image, address their physical and mental health needs, and leave the shelter prepared to be good parents and members ofour community. Since 1997, we have helped 145 young girls to become good mothers and financially self-sufficient. We provided support and health services to 36 babies born while their mothers resided at the shelter. To date, 100% of our residents have continued their education while residing at the shelter with approximately 50% graduating or achieving their GED during their stay. We also provide job assistance, which has resulted in 90% of our residents being employed.

Why We Need Your Help

Inadequate community resources leaves many girls in need to fend for themselves with no where to turn for help. Our shelter is equipped and licensed for 31 beds, but is only utilizing 15 beds due to limited funds. The result is approximately 50 pregnant young girls each year being turned away by Life Choices. We conducted a successful capital campaign in 2003, which raised over $500,000 for the purchase and renovation of our
current residential facility on West Indiana Street. We have a wonderful, clean, secure facility. Sadly, one wing of our shelter remains closed. Your generous investment will help open the second wing of our facility and provide approximately 18 more young women (with their children) with daily needs and other support services. We must do this so that more young women in need may come live at our shelter and begin
taking the necessary stepsfor a better life.

Our Promise

Your generosity will help pave the way for more young girls and their children to live happy, successful lives free from the cycle of poverty that might otherwise consume them. We value your partnership and are grateful for your investment in our mission to serve young women in need.

Every gift is a promise.