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Our Programs

Life Skills  - Pregnancy Care & Motherhood  Mental Health Care 

Life Skills:

Our residential program includes extensive services to help girls prepare for successful independent living. We require our residents to remain in school or be working toward their G.E.D. They
receive daily support and assistance with:

  • Personal hygiene and nutrition

  • Medical Care

  • School

  • Abstinence Education

  • Community Referrals

  • Budgeting and finances

  • Career counseling and job search assistance

  • Transitional and long-term housing

Pregnancy Care & Motherhood:

New and expectant teen mothers need special care and support to overcome their fears, help make difficult decisions, and ensure good health and
well-being for themselves and their babies. We provide the following pre-natal and parenting support services to these vulnerable young mothers:

  • Pre-natal care

  • Parenting skills

  • Adoption Counseling

  • Infant nutrition

  • Child development

  • Baby care and safety

Mental Health Care:

Good mental health is essential to successful independent living. The following services help our residents overcome
crisis, face their life struggles, improve self-esteem, and become better equipped to handle the responsibilities of parenthood and independence:

  • Individual & family counseling

  • Referrals for substance abuse counseling

  • Education & career counseling

  • Support groups